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Do you have a sense of your next "direction" and your ideal job, but you feel unsure what steps to take next? 

Are you uncertain how to weave a professional narrative into your resume and LinkedIn profile? 

Do you wonder why you cannot find work aligned with your values, why you start a new job excited, but over time get bored or anxiety at work? 

Do you feel scattered or lack confidence in your ability to interview? 

Have you been out of work or taken leave? 

This Resume and LinkedIn Package + Coaching Sessions might be just what you need! We clarify your strengths and needs, we will learn how to use values to find the right work, and will give you the tools that you need to BE BRILLIANT!

How will we get you oriented?

We will start with two one-hour career coaching sessions via Zoom video to help you clarify your direction, get clear on your values, understand your strengths and align your career search with your needs and hopes. 

How it works:

We'll mix and match professional narrative crafting tools, such as the Clifton Strengths Finder, the VIA Character Survey, a Values Worksheet and craft a Purpose Statement. Each call is customized to you the client.

For our second call, you will answer a detailed career survey. During this session, you will define your goals and select a course of action. From this work and your survey responses, I will draft a professional narrative statement. 

Once we get a draft resume and LinkedIn profile in progress, we'll have a third session to align your job search with your goals and make sure you are on the right track. 

This work will be the foundation for drafting a resume/CV that highlights your unique journey and matches you to your target job.

What's included? 

  • Customized job targeting and job search support from goal setting to crafting your professional narrative.
  • Four 60-minute coaching calls with me to support you in your career strategy where it counts most. Each call is customized to your needs.
  • Zoom video screen shares to teach you how to modify your resume and or LinkedIn profile to target specific jobs and conduct an effective job search.
  • As needed: goal setting or interview worksheets that will help you feel prepared and confident about your job search.
  • Email Support: This includes email support and questions for up to 6-months from the start of work. 




1) What is Flow? And why is it important?

1 Lessons

Before you take any surveys, think about what you know about yourself:

- What are your top five values?

- What are your talents? 

- What are your key skills?

- What kind of work challenges you? 

- What kind of work bores you?

- When was the last time you had a "flow" experience or were "in the zone?" What were you doing? 

- What are your strengths? What do people come to you to solve? What are you known for? 


Taking a look at the chart above notice that "flow" experiences arise from a balance of "high challenge" and "high skill." 

How can you use this? When you look for work that requires too little skill you get bored. When you are asked for something that requires high challenge, and yet you don't yet have the skills to match, you move into anxiety. Work that doesn't involve skill or a challenge result in apathy. 

Now, this is not to say that every job and every task needs to get to "flow" for you to be happy at work; however, what it does mean is that for ultimate job satisfaction, you should be looking for work that periodically allows you to achieve flow and be your best. 

Too much challenge or too little challenge (all the time) isn't good for us.

Think about your past work experiences and see where they might fall on this chart! 

2) Core Values

1 Lessons

, why should you care about values?

Identifying our core values is a foundational step to authentic living and self-awareness. Today we will gain both self-knowledge and confidence in identifying and clarifying our core values.

Clarifying values is important because it allows us to speak up for what is essential, aligning our work with a deeper meaning. Most importantly knowing and honoring our values makes life choices, both big and little, easier.

How does value-based decision-making build confidence? There is freedom from worry and a reduced need to ask for advice or validation when we are clear about our values. If you know your values, you will know what is the right choice for you in any given situation or moment.

3) VIA Character Strengths

1 Lessons

Why Character Strengths? 

Study after study reports that when our work is aligned with our characters strengths we experience greater well-being and satisfaction.

Employers that appreciate employees character strengths report better retention and better leadership. 

Knowing your characters strengths is more powerful than a little self-awareness, it can allow you to integrate better at work TODAY, while guiding you in the LONGTERM to design that career of FREEDOM and FUN!

4) Gallup: Your Natural Strengths and Talents

1 Lessons

What you do and why you are good at it/enjoy it/etcetera!

You should have already done the VIA Character Strength Survey which we called your way of “being.” Now we will distinguish the Top 5 CliftonStrengths  results as your way of “doing.”

Unlike VIA which is a sliding scale and that might change over time, your way of “doing” tends to remain constant.

What are you naturally good at? How do you work? What do you do? 

Some might call these your natural talents. 

The Clifton Strengths Finder test identifies 34 different strengths. 


5) What Makes you Shine? Questionnaire & Work History

1 Lessons

Please download the attached questionnaires. Each and every question has a purpose.

If you leave any questions blank I will not be able to properly work on your resume or LinkedIn profile. 

If you cannot answer a question, take the time to explain why. This is still helpful to me in creating your resume. 

When you've finished please email it to me at: 

I will confirm receipt of your email in 24-hours Monday through Friday. I do not check emails on Saturday and Sunday. 

Bonus: CAT Exercise - Open Up the Possiblities

1 Lessons

This is an optional exercise.

If you find it difficult to identify your ideal job or employer, if you feel stuck in your current role or you simply want to see what else you might do with your life, take 20 minutes to do this fun exercise.

You never know what it might crack open!