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For the professional with a clear direction and purpose who simply needs to clarify and target her resume/CV and LinkedIn profile to tell the right professional narrative and guide her to the work she desires.

If you are clear on your goals, your strengths, your values, and your direction then this package will help you to SHINE!

What is included?

  • Two coaching calls: one 90-minute strategy session to really clarify your path; and one 60-minute call to discuss your professional narrative and how it relates to your job search.
  • One human-voiced resume suited to target three similar job postings/titles, including remote work.
  • One LinkedIn profile optimization report + professional summary.

Coaching is done over Zoom video.

My resumes resonate because they recount what you've done while painting that future-forward picture of what you can do.

My writing captures your voice and helps you to shine!

Most resumes tell your history. My resumes tell your future-story.

My formatting may look classic, it's the content that disrupts. 

Hire me to work with you and you will receive not only a resume/cv:

  • You will understand how your past weaves together to bring your professional narrative into a single cohesive story;
  • A human-voiced resume written to actively show your unique accomplishments and increase readability;
  • That starts off with a performance profile that you can also modify to use as an elevator pitch;
  • A resume that helps you to appreciate and see your own brilliance in a positive and complimentary light!

My process will ensure that you've clarified your goals and highlighted your relevant strengths. If any questions arise along the way, I'll be there to support you.

This package is only for you if you already have a target job in mind. You will need to share with me at least 3 to 5 ideal job listing for me to effectively target your resume. These listings need to be for similar jobs (variations of the same work/job title). 

My resumes are formatted to be ATS readable and human readable. Can you imagine someone reading your resume for fun? Then hire me and let's get it done!

If you are unsure about the type of work you want to target with your resume, please book a more comprehensive package (for example the Be Brilliant: Resume +  PLUS Coaching package which includes additional Career Coaching sessions) or sign up for a 20-minute new client chat.



1. VIA Character Survey

1 Lessons

Why Via? 

How we show up and what we value in others shows up in our life as character strengths, understanding these is extremely valuable to your self-awareness, it can allow you to integrate better at work TODAY while guiding you in the LONGTERM to design that career of FREEDOM and FUN!

Evidence-based: indeed, study after study reports that when our work is aligned with our characters strengths, we experience greater well-being and satisfaction.

Employers that appreciate employees character strengths report better retention and better leadership. And employees that understand what they value are better able to align their work with their life! 


2. Core Values

1 Lessons

, why should you care about values?

On a path to designing a life of FREEDOM and PURPOSE, identifying our core values is a foundational step to authentic living and self-awareness. Today we will gain both self-knowledge and confidence in identifying and clarifying our core values.

Clarifying values is important because it allows us to speak up for what is essential, aligning our work with a deeper meaning. Most importantly knowing and honoring our values makes life choices, both big and little, easier.

How does value-based decision-making build confidence? There is freedom from worry and a reduced need to ask for advice or validation when we are clear about our values. If you know your values, you will know what is the right choice for you in any given situation or moment.

3. Strengths 2.0

1 Lessons

What you do and why you are good at it/enjoy it/etcetera!

You should have already done the VIA Character Strength Survey which we called your way of “being.” Now we will distinguish the Top 5 CliftonStrengths  results as your way of “doing.”

Unlike VIA which is a sliding scale and that might change over time, your way of “doing” tends to remain constant.

What are you naturally good at? How do you work? What do you do? 

Some might call these your natural talents. 

The Clifton Strengths Finder test identifies 34 different strengths. 


4. Career Questionnaire & Work History

1 Lessons

Please download the attached questionnaire and work history forms and complete each its entirety. Each and every question has a purpose.

If you leave any questions blank I will not be able to properly work on your resume. 

If you cannot answer a question, take the time to explain why. This is still helpful to me in creating your resume. 

When you've finished please email it to me at: 

I will confirm receipt of your email in 24-hours Monday through Friday. I do not check emails on Saturday and Sunday.