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How to Write a LinkedIn Headline

1 Lessons

What to think about when you write your headline? Do you want to be boring and average?

An effective headline is more than just a job title. You can use your headline to differentiate you from your peers and give relevant and useful information about your skills and experience.

A good headline describes your competencies, what you can do, what you offer in the form of a solution or a service to an employer, a client or a B2B partner.

LinkedIn Success Checklist

1 Lessons

Before and after you write your LinkedIn profile you can use this checklist to make sure that you've addressed all the crucial components of your profile! 

Effective Communication

1 Lessons

Whether you are young or old and wherever you are in the world, it's certain that from time to time (or all the time) you feel uncomfortable expressing your needs and values. 

Maybe you are afraid someone will reject you. 

Maybe you are afraid you will sound pushy. 

Maybe you are focused on efficiency. 

Maybe you say what comes to mind and expect to be understood. 

Maybe you've got something else holding you back. 

Regardless of your personal situation, this 4-step process opens the door for clear, kind, and effective communication. 


1 Lessons

Wait, what?

Why is there a free tool on FOREGIVENESS?

How on earth does this tie into building a purpose-driven and fulfilling career?

Lots of ways. 

When we fail to forgive when we hold on to those hurts, it blocks us, it prevents us from experiencing personal freedom. 

Maybe we need to forgive ourselves for making a bad choice. Maybe we need to forgive a loved-one, a mentor, a teacher or someone along our path for hurting us. 

Maybe we are not pursuing our dreams, because someone led us to believe that we are not enough -- not good enough, not smart enough, not ________; whatever the belief, the first step to standing for ourselves is to forgive. 

Don't believe me? 

Watch this quick 2-minute video "Foregive Assholes" by Have a Little Faith.

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