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In my Insight from Hindsight sessions, you benefit from my years of experience on LinkedIn.

In 1-hour we will walk look at how to create a LinkedIn profile (or resume) that accurately and effectively targets your overarching professional goals and ideal audience. 

For LinkedIn:

We will break down your Headline, Profile Picture, Professional Summary and all the little pieces that make up your complete package on LinkedIn.

You'll understand the importance of the "blink assessment" and get insight into the type of behaviors that will benefit you in growing your authority and professional network.

I'll guide you to make the most significant impact with the least effort.

You will receive my notes and a checklist when we are finished. Upon purchasing your session you will also receive a complimentary copy of my LinkedIn Workbook ($25 when purchased separately). 

By the end of the audit, you will have a new understanding of the magic of LinkedIn and how to make it work for you.

If you'd like to also do this for a resume, we can briefly combine it into the session. Or for a full review, you can book a separate session in which I will explain the importance and the function of a professional summary, as well as, discuss how to format a resume for ATS and human readability, in addition to looking at content and structure. 

When finished you will be ready to implement all the necessary changes yourself!

Or if you prefer to hire someone to write your profile for you, I can do that too. Receive 20% off any of my coaching, resume writing or LinkedIn services scheduled within 30-days of an Insight session.

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How to Find Work You Love With LinkedIn

1 Lessons

Download this fillable workbook and open it in a PDF viewer such as ADOBE or print it off and use fill it out with a pen or pencil, while you work. 

Questions to Answer Before Audit

1 Lessons

This Lesson includes a Typeform with 6 questions and a link to sign up for your Insight from Hindsight Audit. Please complete these ASAP after your purchase. 

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