How to Find Work You Love With LinkedIn


With a LinkedIn profile, there is the opportunity to:

  • To brand yourself professionally through your profile picture, headline, and professional summary;
  • To gain an understanding of your presence online and your professional network, including mutual connections;
  • To establish reliable social proof by demonstrating where your community thinks you excel (endorsements, recommendations);
  • To provide a vision of what it is like to work with you through your professional summary and also recommendations (both given and received);
  • To efficiently lay the foundation for a career pivot, promotion or other job change;
  • To personally and intentionally direct the focus and outcome of your career.
  • To strategically and effectively grow your professional network and access new and exciting opportunities.

LinkedIn provides a platform to create a personal professional narrative that tells folks what you CAN do and WILL do in the future, whereas a resume primarily recounts your past.

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Step by step workbook walks you through setting your professional goals to creating and refining each crucial component of your LinkedIn profile. 

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