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I am Alison.

A career coach and business owner, I joined LinkedIn in 2005 and I've been successfully writing LinkedIn profiles for other people since 2015. I get many of my clients from LinkedIn and I understand how it works at a deep and proactive level.

Every day, as a career coach I actively and successfully help people optimize their LinkedIn profiles for SUCCESS to get the jobs they want! I also work with entrepreneurs and academics who wish to build their reputation and get the respect they deserve.

Why should you buy this LinkedIn Workbook?

  • If you are looking for a new job, and you need to update your LinkedIn profile.
  • If you are a recent graduate and you need to find a job or an internship.
  • If you own a business and you need to find new clients.
  • If you work as a consultant or freelancer, and you want to instill confidence in your potential clients.
  • If you have a LinkedIn profile and you don't know what to write in your headline if you don't know what to put in your summary, if you have questions about any part of your profile, this workbook is for you!

This workbook is carefully designed to walk you through the steps of creating an on target and successful LinkedIn profile that helps you achieve your career goals.

Get your profile in shape and see your profile views leap, your connections grow, and achieve your career goals. 

Clearly formatted to walk you through the process of assessing, writing and optimizing an effective profile.

Also included are 7 Case Studies based off of real people and real LinkedIn profiles to show you how other people have found success through LinkedIn. 

Packed with LinkedIn insights and experience, delivered right to your desktop in the form of an easy to use PDF Workbook. 

You can print it off or download it and fill it in on online. Whatever works best for you!

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Want to know what your investment in this workbook will provide? Take a look inside before you buy!

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I've created this workbook to help you find success in your career --- get the job you want, get the salary you want, be successful with LinkedIn! I know you can! 


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Step by Step Workbook with Explanation

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Step by step workbook walks you through setting your professional goals to creating and refining each crucial component of your LinkedIn profile. 

Your key to LinkedIn success! 

Depending on where you are in your professional journey you may find it useful to access several of the exercises I have in my free "Find your Purpose" toolbox. These exercises will help you to clarify your values, connect to your strengths and speak about what you do with confidence. 

Check them out at this link: Free Find Your Purpose Tool Box

Prior to writing your profile, you may also benefit from an Insight Session in which I go over with you on Zoom video your profile in detail explaining how people use LinkedIn and helping you to see how to best leverage LinkedIn to achieve your overarching goals. 

You can get all this information in this workbook; however, some people find that it's one thing to read it and another thing to see it in "live-action" regarding your personal experience. 

Click here to order an Insight Session

I like to describe this as "reading the label from the inside of the bottle experience." Even if you know yourself best, sometimes it's hard to read your own label, see what other people see, from inside your bottle! 

LinkedIn Success Checklist

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