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I am Alison. Your coach, mom to 4 kids, military wife (retired), digital nomad, cross-cultural consultant, resume and LinkedIn profile writer. I do this work because my purpose is to transform the world, one soul at a time, guiding women to live their values, leverage their strengths and embrace their dreams to make an impact in their own lives and the greater world.

If you are ready to reclaim your dreams, ditch the stress, and find joy in your life, you've come to the right spot. Whether you are in your 20s and never want kids or you are a mom in your 40s who wants to return to work, this program is from you.

Becoming YOU is for women who are ready to own their own choices and unique soul, I want you to be comfortable, happy and excited to be YOU! 

Indeed, this coaching journey is all about BECOMING YOU in the safe space held and created for you by me, Alison, your coach and by your coaching peers. 

As your Coach and Group Facilitator I will guide you to understand and create your mindset so that you can find work and a balance in your life that is built upon:

Satisfaction with the Past

Happiness in the Present

Optimism for the Future

Together we will share our collective experiences and dreams to create a more powerful future for each woman. As a career coach and positive psychology practitioner, I will provide you the structure, the exercises, and the safe space to dig deep, to dream big and to set your direction. 

Dates & Logistics:

We will have weekly coaching sessions starting the week of January 13th through May 8th. 

We will meet on Tuesdays. 

From January through December 2020 coaching members will commit to serving as accountability buddies and continue to meet once per month for a master-mind over Zoom video. These masterminds will be self-led unless you invite me to join you. 

What this coaching program entails:

12 Group Coaching sessions with weekly activities and readings. Sessions will be 90-minutes long and held over Zoom video. 

12 Personal/private coaching sessions with Alison.

Accountability partner pairings. 

16-months of Membership in my Life Work Purpose Group, which includes the creation of a Group Mastermind to be launched when you start your group coaching in January 2020. 


Are you excited to join "Becoming You" but experiencing financial hardship or residing in an emerging market? Please send me an email at; I may be able to offer a scholarship or discounted tuition to several committed candidates.


New Clients: Prior to Purchasing a Coaching Package or Single Session, please schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call

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   I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Signup today with a $400 deposit (use discount code DEPOSIT) or pay-in-full. To assure that materials and sessions are prepared adequately payment in full must be made by December 20th, 2019.Your deposit (or payment in full) is fully refundable up until Decemember 20, 2019. After this date, the $400 deposit will not be refundable. Once our sessions start the full program fee will not be refunded. However, if for any reason you decide that the program is not for you or if "life happens," talk to me, I am reasonable and we can come to an agreement that works for everyone. Please do keep in mind that late cancellations will affect the women in your group, so when you sign-up do your best to be sure that you can commit fully to this program!  *For participants in emerging markets contact me for information on a limited number of scholarships. PayPal offers 4 to 6 month interest-free financing for those who would like to space out payments.

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Why "Becoming You?"

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An inter-generational coaching journey for women ready to connect their lives and their work to a sense of purpose and a life of joy. 

Find release from the pressure to be perfect and the stress of daily life. 

Join us to find more joy and freedom in making choices. 

Together we will step into our confidence, courage, and feminine strength. 

You are intelligent, beautiful, strong, and you deserve a life well-lived. 

Whether you want to return to the 9 to 5, embrace being a stay-at-home mom, work as a consultant, or do something else, ‘Becoming You’ will give you the peace of mind, the clarity and the confidence to define your own path to success. All, while guiding you to remain in harmony with your family and life choices.

Join a sisterhood of women around the world who see a path to the way the world should be. Join us because you deserve the sense of excitement, hope, and peace of mind, the joy and the satisfaction of life and work that aligns with your values, your unique strengths, and your needs.

As a woman -- you know that you have a calling -- you are more than a woman with a job, you are more than being an employee, wife, partner or mom. Yes. You can be all of those things and also be proudly and loudly YOU.

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