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I help you to:

  • Find a job you love
  • Return to work
  • Plan a career pivot
  • Get a raise
  • Level-up

I am known as a career coach who empowers women and individuals from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds to embrace their life choices with enthusiasm, pride, and confidence.

I help you put your best foot forward. I do this by guiding you through clarifying your values, strengths, and needs to create a compelling professional narrative that allows you to get the work you want.

My resume writing is human-voiced; my LinkedIn profiles are future-forward; what I provide my clients are tools that get you hired:
- Effective, strengths-based;
- Not dull, uniquely you;
- Memorable, align your values and goals to your target work;
- Bot and human-readable aka ATS friendly; and,
- Ideal for career pivots, leveling up, and or improving your current standing at work.

What to expect: A human-voiced, professional resume or CV and LinkedIn Profile. 

  • I write a human-voiced, professional resume to accurately target your ideal job title (and up to three similar positions). Readable for both applicant tracking systems and real people.
  • Recommendations for an effective cover letter and job search process.
  • Final review: once you’re ready, I make sure your resume or CV is accurately and effectively targeting your ideal audience, and give you feedback on job targeting as necessary. 
  • LinkedIn Report: I will provide you with a customized LinkedIn report with recommendations for everything from your profile picture and personal URL to a suggested profile summary. 
  • Accountability and interview support: cover letter template and feedback/edits on up to 3 cover letters. Interview prep template.
  • This is an investment in your future, and you can be assured I will be committed to providing you the best. When you hire me, you get more than a resume rewrite, and you get my insight and wisdom into the hiring world, you get my insight and ability to read you a create career documents that are like one client said: "like looking in the mirror." My minimum time investment per client is 5 hours; it's often much more.

If you need a *rush* job, please contact me before purchase. As I work with several clients at a time, and my process generally takes ten business days to create a stellar resume and profile, and for us to complete our work together.

Projects are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

VIA Survey (Values & Character)

1 Lessons

Why Core Values? 

Core values show up in our life as character strengths, understanding these is extremely valuable to your self-awareness, it can allow you to integrate better at work TODAY while guiding you in the LONGTERM to design that career of FREEDOM and FUN!

Evidence-based: indeed, study after study reports that when our work is aligned with our characters strengths, we experience greater well-being and satisfaction.

Employers that appreciate employees character strengths report better retention and better leadership. And employees that understand what they value are better able to align their work with their life! 


Strengths 2.0

1 Lessons

What you do and why you are good at it/enjoy it/etcetera!

You should have already done the VIA Character Strength Survey which we called your way of “being.” Now we will distinguish the Top 5 CliftonStrengths  results as your way of “doing.”

Unlike VIA which is a sliding scale and that might change over time, your way of “doing” tends to remain constant.

What are you naturally good at? How do you work? What do you do? 

Some might call these your natural talents. 

The Clifton Strengths Finder test identifies 34 different strengths. 


Career Questionnaire & Work History

1 Lessons

Please download the attached questionnaire and work history forms and complete each its entirety. Each and every question has a purpose.

If you leave any questions blank I will not be able to properly work on your resume. 

If you cannot answer a question, take the time to explain why. This is still helpful to me in creating your resume. 

When you've finished please email it to me at: 

I will confirm receipt of your email in 24-hours Monday through Friday. I do not check emails on Saturday and Sunday. 

Accountability Plan

4 Lessons


You may have heard of SMART Goals, as an applied positive psychology practitioner, I like to use SMART+ goals. Goal setting is a crucial component for success, happiness, and accomplishment. Goals allow for feedback and learning and help us to connect to something bigger in our life. 






+ prepared for setbacks