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Purpose: Life Coaching for Women

Coaching is a unique and inspiring partnership between client and coach. My clients know that they have what it takes to succeed, but they are not quite sure how to make it happen. Working with a coach helps you to realize and stretch your dreams — to define and create your very own vision for success.

As a coach, I am a practitioner of Positive Psychology and I am pursuing certification through the ICA and the ICF. 

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SPARKLE: LinkedIn Profile Magic

This package is for the consultant, entrepreneur, coach, business owner, executive and another game changer who needs to up her LinkedIn game and SPARKLE. 

We will overhaul your content and make sure that your profile disrupts and shows your unique brilliance. If you are afraid to brag and at the same time afraid to sound boring, let me work my magic to create a professional summary and headline that humble-brag while inviting your ideal audience to connect with you. 

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GROW: Goal Setting & Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is also known AI; however, our session will not involve artificial intelligence! It is done over Zoom video (unless you want to come to visit me in Madagascar). This is a powerful session to help you get unstuck and set either an overarching goal or lay out a vision for your goals.

Via zoom video, we will do a 1.5-hour Goal Setting (Appreciative Inquiry Session) to help you clarify your career goals moving forward. We’ll look at where you are today and see where you’d like to be in the future.

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ON POINT: Create a Professional Narrative

Why do you need a professional narrative? The plain and simple answer: so you can tell people what you do, why and how! On a deeper level, your narrative ties your past experiences and successes to your strengths and values in a future-forward story that resonates with your ideal clients, employers or audience. 

If you don't write your own narrative you empower everyone else to write one for you. Own your story. Don't let the world define YOU. 

If you've done the Design a Career of Freedom Course this module will be unlocked for you on Day 26. 

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SHINE: LinkedIn & Resume Basics

For the professional with a clear direction and purpose who simply needs to clarify and target her resume/CV and LinkedIn profile to tell the right professional narrative and guide her to the work she desires. Shine!


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Grit: Career Coaching for Women

Make Your Mark,” is my signature package designed for women in who wish to define their own success and find satisfaction in work that is aligned with their values, their strengths and their needs — women who want a career and a calling, not just a job!

I work with women in career transition; younger women looking for their first career; moms and care-takers re-entering the workforce; and, women who wish to level up their career or build a career of PURPOSE, FREEDOM, and GRIT.  

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MASTER: LinkedIn Workbook


This workbook will walk you through how to optimize each section of your LinkedIn profile, while also teaching you how to identify your audience and maximize your overall LinkedIn strategy. 



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BRILLIANT: Resume & LinkedIn PLUS

Do you have a sense of your next "direction" and your ideal job, but you feel unsure what steps to take next? 

Are you uncertain how to weave a professional narrative into your resume and LinkedIn profile? 

Do you feel scattered or lack confidence? 

Have you been out of work or taken leave? 

This Resume and LinkedIn Package + Coaching Session might be just what you need! Be brilliant! 


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FREE Toolbox

This Tool Box is designed to guide you to career fulfillment and success -- from optimizing your LinkedIn profile to improving your communication style or learning to set goals, I will continue to add free resources! 

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FREE Design Your Career

Do you aspire to move in a particular direction, but for years you've not really believed it's possible? Or do you seek a direction you've not yet found?

If so, this challenge is for YOU! 

Join the Future of Work Movement: You can Have of Purpose Driven Career of Freedom!

I've titled this course a "challenge" because it will be a challenge to complete each of the 31-days; however, I've put it together because I believe you can do it. You've got this.


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