Professional Narrative Workshop

Professional Narrative Workshop

High-level, strategic, and actionable feedback to support you in constructing an effective professional summary and overarching professional narrative to create an effective resume and networking message.

This workshop is held over Zoom and will take 90-minutes. (We may schedule a 30-minute follow-up conversation.)

We will look at your resume structure, content, format, and the overarching message or narrative that weaves together where you have been and connects to where you wish to go. 

You will need to answer a few questions and send me an editable version of your resume (not a PDF). Ideally, you will have a .docx or GDrive version to share with me.

Two free resume templates and a LinkedIn Profile Checklist Included! Just ask! 

How do I help clients? Read it in their own words:

4 Modules

VIA Survey (Values in Action)

Why Core Values? 

Core values show up in our life as character strengths, understanding these is extremely valuable to your self-awareness, it can allow you to integrate better at work TODAY while guiding you in the LONGTERM to design that career of FREEDOM and FUN!

Evidence-based: indeed, study after study reports that when our work is aligned with our characters strengths, we experience greater well-being and satisfaction.

Employers that appreciate employees character strengths report better retention and better leadership. And employees that understand what they value are better able to align their work with their life! 


Strengths 2.0

What you do and why you are good at it/enjoy it/etcetera!

The Clifton Strengths Finder test identifies 34 different strengths. 

What are you naturally good at? How do you work? What do you do? 

Some might call these your natural talents. 

I like to describe the Top 5 CliftonStrengths results as your way of “doing" and your Values as your way of "being."

Understanding both is critical to a successful career! 

Your way of “doing” tends to remain constant. If your results change, it's likely that the Strengths that moved into your Top 5 were previously in your Top 10.


Core Values (Pivot or Leadership Clients)

, why should you care about values?

On a path to designing a life of FREEDOM and PURPOSE, identifying our core values is a foundational step to authentic living and self-awareness. Today we will gain both self-knowledge and confidence in identifying and clarifying our core values.

Clarifying values is important because it allows us to speak up for what is essential, aligning our work with a deeper meaning. Most importantly knowing and honoring our values makes life choices, both big and little, easier.

How does value-based decision-making build confidence? There is freedom from worry and a reduced need to ask for advice or validation when we are clear about our values. If you know your values, you will know what is the right choice for you in any given situation or moment.

Resume Templates

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