Hello! I am Alison, your Mental Fitness, Career & Life Crafting Coach. I work with ambitious professional women and mothers who seek to ditch the stress and anxiety to focus on the joy and meaning in their work and life.

I believe in a world in which all women can enjoy a career, and if they choose, motherhood, while enjoying financial and emotional independence.

Work with me and learn to tell your story. Build your mental fitness, write your own narrative, and create the life and work that connects you to your higher purpose. 

Available Products

Professional Narrative Workshop

Professional and actionable feedback on your resume helps you stand out, build a stronger professional narrative, and score that next interview. This call will provide you with positive and critical feedback to guide you to nail your resume content and format.

I will provide one physical edit and commentary of your resume following our call, but I do not write or rewrite resumes. The goal of this process is to teach you to write your own winning resume, and to learn how to modify it for each application.

LinkedIn Profile & Strategy

You will benefit from a custom coaching session over Zoom. I will rewrite your summary "live" to be future-forward, capturing both your past skills and strengths and the work you desire to achieve. You will get ideas for potential headlines and understand how to leverage LinkedIn for your unique purpose.

This time together is action-oriented; previous clients love how in this session, they learn how to leverage the LinkedIn platform fully and not waste precious time or brain-power!

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